Social and Ecological Resilience Across the Landscape (SERAL) #56500

Commenting on This Project

Announcements from Responsible Official, Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Jason Kuiken:

Three decisions, authorizing different aspects of Alternative 1 (Preferred Alternative) of the SERAL Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) have been signed. 

First Decision: On March 28, 2022, I signed the first  Record of Decisions for the Social and Ecological Resilience Across the Landscape (SERAL) project (titled: Strategically Placed Fuelbreaks - A Crucial First Step: Record of Decision, ROD-1). This decision authorizes the fuel reduction treatments in the highest priority potential operational wildland fire delineation units (PODs 1 - 5).

Second Decision: On June 29, 2022, I signed the second Record of Decisions for the SERAL project titled:  A Significant Step Toward Resiliency - Record of Decision (ROD-2).  

Third Decision: On August 31, 2022, I signed the third Record of Decision for the SERAL project titled: Rapidly Responding to Changing Environmental Conditions - Record of Decision, ROD-3



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