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Granite Goose Landscape Restoration Project #63507

The Granite Goose Landscape Restoration Project is a landscape scale effort to improve conditions across multiple resource areas including vegetation, watersheds, roads, and recreation.


For your comments to be reviewed and considered in a timely manner, we ask that you please submit comments by March 10, 2023. Comments should be within the scope of the proposed action, have a direct relationship to the proposed action, and must include supporting reasons for the Responsible Official to consider (36 CFR 218.2). Comments received in response to this solicitation, including names and addresses of those who comment, will be considered part of the public record for this project. They will be available for public inspection and will be released in their entirety if requested pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act. 

Comments must be submitted in the following ways: 

  1. Electronically through the Project webpage: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=63507. Select “Comment on Project” under “Get Connected” on the right panel. If uploading a file with comments, comments must be in the form of plain text (.txt), Word (.doc, .docx) or PDF (.pdf). 

  1. Written comments can be sent by mail to:  

Payette National Forest  

Attention: Linda L. Jackson 

Granite Goose Project 

500 North Mission Street 

McCall, Idaho 83638 

  1. Hand-delivered comments may be delivered to the Payette National Forest Supervisors Office at 500 North Mission Street McCall ID, 83638 during normal business hours.  

Comments submitted electronically through the project webpage will receive an automated electronic acknowledgment. If the sender does not receive an automated acknowledgment of the receipt of the comments, it is the sender's responsibility to ensure timely receipt by other means (36 CFR 218.25(a)(4)(iii)).

To download all letters in the Reading Room, please click the Download All Letters button. For larger downloads, you will be prompted to enter your email address and a link to the download will be sent to you once the zip file has been generated.

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 Melbo, Jamie  03/10/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Roche, Kathleen  03/10/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Sahlin, Jeri  03/10/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Bunderson, Todd  03/10/20232 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Burke, John  03/10/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Thompson, John  03/10/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Nielsen, Colby Payette Lakes Ski Club03/10/20237.6 MB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Warner, Jerrod Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association03/10/202315.07 MB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Fox, Randy Idaho Conservation League03/10/2023348 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Bingaman, Dave Valley County Parks and Recreation Department03/10/202323 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Rider, Ken Brundage Mountain Resor03/10/2023181 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 IDPR, Alex Ernst Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Recreation Bureau03/10/2023128 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Freeland, Carey  03/09/20232 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Hipsher, Mike  03/09/20232 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Breyman, Mike  03/09/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Hatfield, Dale  03/09/20233 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 BECHDEL, LES  03/09/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Roper, Ed  03/09/20231.12 MB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Osborn, Ed Granite Twin Lakes Water Users03/09/2023287 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Warrington, Chelsey  03/08/20232 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 leclair, niki  03/08/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Sironen, Richard  03/08/20231 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Jerome, Irene American Forest Resource Council (AFRC)03/08/2023441 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Flack, Brandon Idaho Department of Fish and Game03/08/2023104 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
 Soulen, Harry Soulen Livestock Co.03/08/202358 KB [id:4884]Scoping () (Total Letters: 66)
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Disclaimer: Letters that may contain proprietary or sensitive resource information, or that may be otherwise sensitive, are automatically withheld from displaying in the reading room pending human review. Letters received, but not accessible here, will still be considered and included as part of the record for this project. Most flagged letters are cleared for posting within a few days of being received. Posting may also be delayed for comments not submitted via the web form (e.g., email, mail or fax).