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Colville National Forest Plan Revision #45826

The Land and Resource Management Plan for the Colville NF is being revised as required by the National Forest Management Act. The purpose is develop updated management direction for the forest, currently managed under the 1988 forest plan.

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Objection ()

 Colville Forest Plan Revision, Combined Response  07/03/20191 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Ryan, Sarah Washington State Cattlemen's Association11/06/2018268 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Hedrick, Justin  11/06/20182 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Uniack, Tom Washington Wild11/06/2018633 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Soeldner, Tom Sierra Club Upper Columbia River Group11/06/20182.57 MB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 McCart, Wes Stevens County Commissioners11/06/20181.17 MB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Partin, Tom American Forest Resource Council11/06/2018287 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Kiss, Stephen Pend Oreille County Board of Commissioners11/06/2018129 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Petersen, Mike The Lands Council11/06/2018482 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Exner, Johnna Ferry County Board of Commissioners11/06/201856 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Gowan, Chance Stevens County Cattleman's Association11/06/2018131 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Nielsen, Gary  11/06/2018344 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Luke, Tiana Conservation Northwest11/06/2018912 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Gunnell, Chase Washington Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers11/06/2018308 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Williamson, Maurice Williamson Consulting11/06/2018171 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 Spaeth, Andrew Northeast Washington Forest Coalition11/06/2018414 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)
 McDermott, Wendy American Rivers11/06/201898 KB [id:2666]Objection () (Total Letters: 21)

Other (Interested Person)

 Gartner, Crystal  12/11/201854 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Weiler, Holly  11/26/201842 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Whittaker, Bobby  11/23/201821 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Vanden Heuvel, Ken Spokane Mountaineers11/22/2018282 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Vaagen, Russ NE Forest Coalition11/20/201869 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Partin, Tom American Forest Resource Council11/19/2018100 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Petersen, Mike The Lands Council11/19/2018361 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
 Kraus, Yvonne Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance11/15/2018473 KB [id:2766]Other (Interested Person) (Total Letters: 8)
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