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Gold Creek Valley Restoration #57415

A multi-partner effort to recover Gold Creek bull trout populations by correcting habitat conditions which create significant mortality, reconnecting the creek and floodplain, and restoring natural processes. Provide recreation at this valued site.

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 Angel, Bill  03/30/2020345[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Anon, Anon  04/03/2020917[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Anon, Anon  04/03/2020308[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Balk, Christianne  04/11/20203523[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Barry, Peter  04/12/20202157[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Baum, Laurel Conservation Northwest04/10/2020322596[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Bennett, Lee Ann  04/04/2020486[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Biggins, Camille  04/11/2020840[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Bocek, Barbara  03/13/2020730[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Book, Brad  04/10/20201251[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Bridges, Byron  04/11/20202589[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Brookreson, William  04/10/20202584[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Buitron, Charles  03/15/2020956[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Caspaar, Valentin  04/07/2020482[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Cassell, Alisse  03/30/2020614[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Christophersen, Kell  03/14/2020539[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Clear, Gwen WA State Dept of Ecology04/10/202038771[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Conley, Alex Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board04/08/2020126311[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Connor, Michelle Forterra04/10/2020580982[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Curd, Kevin  04/12/2020229[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Darland, Michael L  04/08/20202890[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Darland, Michael L  04/09/2020165784[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Darland, Michael L.  03/24/20205681464[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Darland, Michael L.  03/24/2020118663[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
 Deacon, Tom  04/12/2020692[id:3358]Scoping () (Total Letters: 88)
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