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Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project #49124

Landscape scale aquatic and terrestrial restoration project which includes fuels, roads, vegetation, and aquatic habitat improvement treatments. Details also here: https://arcg.is/S1X4z https://www.facebook.com/784196435031210/videos/236848004676892

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 Clarke, Sean North West Motorcycle Association02/04/20211 KB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 Clarke, Sean Northwest Motorcycle Association01/21/202112 KB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 OLSEN, NETE SIERRA CLUB WASHINGTON STATE CHAPTER02/12/2021279 KB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 Shay, Thomas Standing Rock Ranch02/04/202151 KB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 Anderson, Mike The Wilderness Society02/11/202126 KB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 Geissler, George Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources02/11/202113.34 MB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 Hofmann, Lynda WDFW02/09/202156 KB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
 Krupp, Christopher Wildearth Guardians02/12/20218.4 MB [id:3772]Other (comment period) (Total Letters: 84)
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