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Ellis Integrated Vegetation Project #41350

The Ellis Project is being developed to improve wildlife habitat, restore resiliency against insect/disease and wildfire, protect values at risk, provide timber products, and enhance public and traditional land uses.

The draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the Ellis Integrated Vegetation Project is now available for public review and comment. The project is located on the Umatilla National Forest between Ukiah and Heppner, OR and is within Morrow, Umatilla, and Grant Counties. The project area is about 114,600 acres which includes approximately 4,600 acres of private land. Approximately 105,000 acres may be considered for treatment on National Forest System lands. No treatments are proposed by private landholders at this time, but the Forest Service is working collaboratively with partners and neighbors to improve resiliency across boundaries and meet objectives of this project.

The Ellis Project was identified initially to address the deviation from the natural range of variability for forest density, composition, and structure concerns. The overall objectives for the project include increasing forest health and vigor; enhancing unique plant communities; improving wildlife habitat; maintaining and continuing public and traditional land uses; and protecting values at risk, public and firefighter safety.

The DEIS analyzes the environmental consequences of the No Action Alternative (Alternative 1) and four action alternatives. Alternative 2 and 5 includes forest mechanical thinning activities across approximately 75,000 acres. Alternative 3 includes 43,000 acres and Alternative 4 includes 49,000 acres of mechanical thinning activities. Action Alternatives include mechanical thinning; small diameter mechanical and non-mechanical (hand-thinning) thinning; mechanical and non-mechanical fuels treatments; landscape burning; pruning; planting of native vegetation; and aspen and meadow enhancement. Alternative 5 is considering treatments that would be consistent with the Forest Plan as amended by the Eastside Screens (2021 USDA Forest Service) allowing the harvest of some live trees greater than 21-inch diameter at breast height. All Alternatives are proposing modifications to roads by either converting to seasonal use or retain for future use (yearlong closure). No preferred alternative has been identified at this time.

The Forest Service will accept comments on the DEIS for 45 days following publication of the notice of availability (NOA) in the Federal Register. The publication date of the NOA in Federal Register is the exclusive means for calculating the comment period. Commenters should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source.

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Notice of Availability ()

 Cherry, Steve  04/05/2022199 KB [id:4301]Notice of Availability () (Total Letters: 33)
 Manley, Lane  03/21/20221 KB [id:4301]Notice of Availability () (Total Letters: 33)
 Dickenson, Tim  03/16/20221 KB [id:4301]Notice of Availability () (Total Letters: 33)
 Kenworthy, Logan  03/09/20221 KB [id:4301]Notice of Availability () (Total Letters: 33)

Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period)

 Akenson, Jim Oregon Hunters Association02/17/2019119 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Mbabaliye, Theogene US EPA Region 1002/15/2019880 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Kelly, Brian Greater Hells Canyon Council01/31/201915 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Kreutzer, Lee National Parks Service01/31/20191 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Kelly, Brian Greater Hells Canyon Council01/15/2019663 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Doherty, Jim Morrow County Board of Commissioners01/09/2019304 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Harvey, Bill Baker County Commission01/07/20199 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Jerome, Irene AFRC01/06/2019241 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Cherry, Steve Department of Fish and Wildlife01/04/2019268 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Klavins, Robert Oregon Wild01/04/201914 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
 Richardson, Bill Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation01/02/2019161 KB [id:2739]Scoping (Ellis Scoping Period) (Total Letters: 30)
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