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Creek Fire Restoration Project #60422

: Chad Hanson
: John Muir Project
: 09/21/2022

Creek fire EA JMP CBD comments 21Sept22.docx366 KB
Fire Baker and Hanson 2022.pdf1.58 MB
Fire Bartowitz et al 2022.pdf5.18 MB
Fire Beschta et al 1995.pdf40 KB
Fire Bradley et al 2016.pdf1.32 MB
Fire Chen et al 1999.pdf2.3 MB
Fire Countryman 1956.pdf1.29 MB
Fire Cruz and Alexander 2010.pdf443 KB
Fire DellaSala et al 2022 Biological Conservation.pdf2.41 MB
Fire Donato et al 2006.pdf1.17 MB
Fire Dunn et al 2020.pdf1.73 MB
Fire Evers et al 2022 weather mainly drives fire behavior & carbon rich forests burn less intensely.pdf2.05 MB
Fire Fourmile Cyn Fire FS rpt Graham et al 2012 thinning ineffective at protecting communities.pdf23.9 MB
Fire Hanson 2021 Creek fire.pdf1.34 MB
Fire Hanson 2022 Antelope fire .pdf1.15 MB
Fire Hanson 2022 Encyclopedia of Conservation chapter.pdf5.08 MB
Fire Hanson and Odion 2006.pdf70 KB
Fire Harmon Hanson and DellaSala 2022.pdf1.7 MB
Fire Lesmeister et al 2019 dense old forest burns at lower severity.pdf3.68 MB
Fire Lesmeister et al 2021.pdf1.54 MB
Fire Meigs et al 2020 dense old forests burn at lower severity.pdf3.62 MB
Fire Morris 1940 abstract.pdf536 KB
Fire Morrison and Harma 2002.pdf359 KB
Fire Prichard et al 2021 in press.pdf8.73 MB
Fire Stephens et al 2021a thinning equates to faster rate of spread and higher fire intensity see p94.pdf8.76 MB
Fire Thompson and Spies 2010a.pdf1.07 MB
Letter Text.pdf83.35 MB
Reburn Thompson et al 2007.pdf1.03 MB
Scientist letter opposing logging bills Dec2016 Final.pdf161 KB
Scientist letter opposing logging provisions in BBB and BIF 4Nov21.pdf186 KB
Scientist Letter opposing postfire logging Oct2015.pdf159 KB
Scientist letter to Congress June2020.pdf186 KB
Scientist sign on letter to Congress on postfire logging 30Oct13 final.pdf182 KB

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