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Sandwich Vegetation Management Project #57392

: Zack Porter
: Standing Trees
: 07/01/2022

2022-7-1 - Sandwich VMP Scoping Comment - Standing Trees - FINAL.pdf510 KB
Exhibit 1_Executive order 14072 on old and mature forests - 2022-04-22.pdf399 KB
Exhibit 10_Ceballos et al (2020) Vertebrates_on_the_brink_as_indicators_of_biologic.pdf1.47 MB
Exhibit 10_Ceballos et al (2020) Vertebrates_on_the_brink_as_indicators_of_biologic.pdf1.47 MB
Exhibit 12_Dreiss and Malcom (2020) 30x30-Report.pdf3.76 MB
Exhibit 13_Dinerstein et al (2019).pdf5.5 MB
Exhibit 14_Executive Order 14008_EPA-HQ-OPPT-2021-0202-0012_content.pdf251 KB
Exhibit 15_Watson et al (2018)_Intact_Forests_Values_NatureEE.pdf1.76 MB
Exhibit 16_DiMarco et al 2019 - Wilderness areas halve the extinction risk of terrestrial biodiversity.pdf1.92 MB
Exhibit 17_Miller et al (2018)_FEM_tree_diversity.pdf1.14 MB
Exhibit 18_Miller et al (2016) Ecosphere.pdf3.13 MB
Exhibit 19_The New Hampshire Climate Action Plan - 2009.pdf6.71 MB
Exhibit 2_Email exchange with WMNF - Request for Information re Sandwich Vegetation Management Project - June 2022.pdf108 KB
Exhibit 20_IPCC_AR6_WGII_SummaryForPolicymakers.pdf10.15 MB
Exhibit 21_Glasgow LeadersGÇÖ Declaration on Forests and Land Use - UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) GÇô Glasgow Nov 2021.pdf444 KB
Exhibit 22_Erb et al 2018 - Unexpectedly large impact of forest management and grazing on global vegetation biomass.pdf3.17 MB
Exhibit 23_Harris-et-al-2016 - Attribution of net carbon change by disturbance type across forest lands of the conterminous United States.pdf4.4 MB
Exhibit 24_Brown et al 2018 - Timber harvest as the predominant disturbance regime in northeastern U S forests.pdf4.3 MB
Exhibit 25_Duveneck and Thompson 2019 - Social and biophysical determinants of future forest conditions in New England Effects of a modern land-use regime-compressed.pdf852 KB
Exhibit 26_Keith et al 2009 - Re-evaluation_of_forest_biomass_carbon_stocks_and_.pdf2.15 MB
Exhibit 27_Luyssaert et al 2008 - Old-growth forests as global carbon sinks.pdf264 KB
Exhibit 28_Masino Moomaw Leverett 2021 - Older eastern white pine trees and stands sequester carbon for many decades and maximize cumulative carbon.pdf15.91 MB
Exhibit 29_Stephenson et al 2014 - Rate of tree carbon accumulation increases continuously with tree size.pdf1.73 MB
Exhibit 3_87 Fed Reg 16442_NLEP Uplisting_2022-06168.pdf426 KB
Exhibit 30_Keeton et al 2011 - Late-Sucessional Biomass Development in Northern Hardwood-Conifer Forests of the NE US.pdf781 KB
Exhibit 31_Dinerstein et al (2020).pdf667 KB
Exhibit 32_Jung et al 2020 - Areas of global importance for terrestrial biodiversity carbon and water.pdf2.01 MB
Exhibit 33_Underwood and Brynn 2015.pdf2.22 MB
Exhibit 34_Warren et al_2018_ Forest Stream Interactions in Eastern Old-Growth Forests_Chapter 9 from Barton and Keeton (eds)_Island Press.pdf864 KB
Exhibit 35_Thom et al_2019_Climate sensitivity of ecosystem services and biodiversity in relation to forest age_Global Change Biology.pdf1.45 MB
Exhibit 4_Species Status Assessment Report for the Northern long-eared bat- Version 1.1 - March 22 2022.pdf6.13 MB
Exhibit 5_Moomaw et al (2019).pdf606 KB
Exhibit 6_Lorimer and White 2003 - Scale and frequency of natural disturbances in Northeastern US.pdf423 KB
Exhibit 7_Oswald et al (2020) - Conservation implications of limited Native American impacts in pre-contact New England.pdf1.74 MB
Exhibit 8_Zaino et al (2018).pdf5.65 MB
Exhibit 9_Nowacki and Abrams (2008) - The Demise of Fire and Mesophication of Forests in the Eastern United States.pdf11.16 MB
Letter Text.pdf105.54 MB

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