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Santa Fe National Forest Land Management Plan Revision #49605

: Sam Hitt
: Wild Watershed
: 10/29/2021

AAPeds2004.pdf278 KB
Abatzoglou-WilliamsPNAS-2016-Abatzoglou-11770-5 copy.pdf1.05 MB
Alman2016.pdf1.34 MB
Alves2011.pdf134 KB
BalchPNAS-2017 copy (1).pdf12.97 MB
Beschtaetal2012grazing (1).pdf1.16 MB
Black2017.pdf403 KB
Borgman et al_2015_Assessing the potential for maladaptation during active management of limber pine populations (1).pdf392 KB
Borgschulte2019.pdf2.22 MB
Burns et al _2008_Options for Management of WPBR (1).pdf4.34 MB
Carvalho2014.pdf114 KB
Cascio2018.pdf1.01 MB
Conklin et al_2009_White Pine Blister Rust and management in the SW (1).pdf2.9 MB
Conklin_2004_Development of the white pine biister rust outbrek in NM (1).pdf460 KB
Coop and Schoettle_2009_ Regeneration of Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) and limber pine (Pinus flexilis) (1).pdf688 KB
Delfino2009.pdf537 KB
DellaSalaetal2017 (1).pdf840 KB
DellaSalaHanson2019 (1).pdf1.24 MB
Dennekamp2015.pdf251 KB
Di2017.pdf1.71 MB
Elliott2013.pdf730 KB
Faustini2015.pdf510 KB
Finlay2012.pdf141 KB
FIns _2002_Return of the Giants (1).pdf3.38 MB
Forastiere2007.pdf175 KB
Haikerwal2015(a).pdf436 KB
Haikerwal2015(b).pdf320 KB
Harrisetal2016 (1).pdf4.58 MB
Hawkworth_ 1990_White Pine Blister Rust in Southern New Mexico (1).pdf126 KB
Henderson2012.pdf112 KB
HIgh Five Symposium_2010 (1).pdf30.8 MB
Hudiburg_LifeCycleAssessmt_ERL19 (1) (1).pdf1.72 MB
Hutchinson2018.pdf2.8 MB
Huttunen2012.pdf125 KB
IARC2013.pdf77 KB
IftekharPannell-2015-Conservation_Letters (1).pdf202 KB
IPCSpotassiumpermanganate.pdf239 KB
Johnson and Sniezko_2021_Quantitative disease resistance to WPBR (1).pdf4.34 MB
Johnston2012.pdf603 KB
Jones et al2019_Global fire emissions buffered by the production of pyrogenic carbon (1).pdf1.46 MB
Jones2017.pdf249 KB
Kim2018.pdf3.13 MB
Kochi2010.pdf146 KB
Kunzli2006.pdf771 KB
Lee 2020 ecs2.3310 (1).pdf976 KB
Lee-2018-Ecosphere.pdf3.41 MB
Letter Text.pdf181.42 MB
Lim2016.pdf865 KB
LitSearchResiduesFireAccelerants2002.pdf1.39 MB
Liu2017(a).pdf847 KB
Liu2017(b).pdf116 KB
Lydersenetal2014.pdf1.88 MB
Menon_2018_the role of hybrization (1).pdf2.14 MB
Menon_2019_tracing the footprints of a moving hybrid zone (1).pdf1.2 MB
Menon_2021_Adaptive evolution in a conifer zone (1).pdf1.41 MB
mitchelletal2009.pdf408 KB
Mortizetal2018WildfireCommonGround_final report.pdf1.34 MB
Naeher2007.pdf2.2 MB
Odion et al 2014 PLoS ONE Table S1.2.pdf63 KB
Odion et al Historical Current Fire Regimes mixed conifer 2014.pdf628 KB
Rappold2014.pdf697 KB
Ravi2019.pdf2.08 MB
Reid2016.pdf1.58 MB
RiskAssessmentResiduesFireAccelerants2002.pdf2.44 MB
Roscioli2018.pdf1.38 MB
Schoennagel etal 2017_AdaptToFire.pdf4.37 MB
Schoettle _2019_Regeneration for resilence (1).pdf1.2 MB
Schoettle and Sniezko_2007_Proactive intervention to sustain high elevation (1).pdf396 KB
Schoettle et al 2019_Proactive limber pine conervation (2).pdf15.87 MB
Schoettle_2004_Ecological role of five needle pines (1).pdf760 KB
Schoettle_2019_taking the long view (1).pdf753 KB
Schwandt et al_2013_WPBR general ecology and management.pdf6.29 MB
Schwartz2002.pdf527 KB
SFNF objection_cover letter_102821_RedactedPII.pdf58 KB
SFNF_objection_statement of issues_final_102821.pdf225 KB
Sherriffetal2014.pdf1.77 MB
Shi2016.pdf634 KB
Sraim2005.pdf142 KB
Steinemann2018.pdf127 KB
Stowell2019.pdf1.97 MB
Tan-Soo2019.pdf941 KB
Tian2008.pdf154 KB
Vicedo-Cabrera2016.pdf256 KB
Ward&Hardy1991.pdf1.43 MB
Wegesser2009.pdf495 KB
Wilkinson and Anderson_1985_land and resource planning in the NFs copy (1) (1).pdf23.72 MB
Williams&Baker2012.pdf1.38 MB
Zhao2017.pdf120 KB

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