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Stibnite Gold Project EIS #50516

: Shannon F. Wheeler
: Nez Perce Tribal Exceutive Committee
: 10/27/2020

1996 - Water quality criteria documents for the protection of aquatic life in ambient water.pdf3.69 MB
1998-09-08 Affidavit of Weber T. Greiser - In Re SRBA Nez Perce Instream Flow Claims.pdf6.5 MB
2000 EPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria Recommendations - Rivers and Streams in Nutrient Ecoregion II.pdf390 KB
2002 National Recommended Water Quality Criteria.pdf150 KB
2004 Reilly and Harbaugh_Guidelines for Evaluating Ground-Water Flow Models_USGS Office of Groundwater.pdf2.34 MB
2012 NPR Firm Blamed in The Costliest Onshore Oil Spill Ever.pdf191 KB
2013 EPA Aquatic Life Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Ammonia.pdf225 KB
2014_stanturf et al.pdf296 KB
2015 Jermakka et. al. - Nitrogen Compounds at Mines and Quarries.pdf1.59 MB
2015 ReportonMountPolleyTailingsStorageFacilityBreach.pdf3.84 MB
2016 Blanchette and Lund Pit Lakes.pdf268 KB
2016 EPA Aquatic Life Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Selenium.pdf7.89 MB
2017 Holloway et al - Mobilization of mercury and arsenic from a carbonate-hosted ore deposit.pdf221 KB
20170414_MGII_Final_Vegetation_BaselineStudy_Report.pdf7.06 MB
20170630_MGII_2012 SW Hydrology_BaselineStudy_FieldSurvey.pdf11.4 MB
20170630_MGII_Final SW Quality_BaselineStudy_Report.pdf13.22 MB
2018 Brostrom et al. Lamprey in SnakeRiver IP.pdf461 KB
2018 EPA Aquatic Life Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Aluminum.pdf4.17 MB
20190628_BC_Fishway_OM_AM_Plan.pdf1.83 MB
2020-10-27 Kuipers Stibnite No Action Cleanup Alternative.pdf2.95 MB
aluminum-final-national-recommended-awqc.pdf4.16 MB
Annex-V-Index.pdf400 KB
Antimony prices 10.2020.pdf59 KB
Appendix A_PDEISv2_ForestPlanConsistencyReviewandAmendments.pdf126 KB
aquatic_life_awqc_for_selenium_-_freshwater_2016 (1).pdf7.89 MB
Argusmedia Antimony prices 10.2020.pdf59 KB
Batlle-Aguilar et al (2017) groundwater residence time and aquifer recharge.pdf1.36 MB
Behrens et al. rmrs_gtr375_112_164.pdf1.72 MB
BestPracticesForConsiderationOfEffectsOfClimateChangeInProjectEAs2017.pdf1.29 MB
Blanchette and Lund 2016 Pit lakes legacy.pdf277 KB
Brandt and Schulz Introduction to Incorporating Climate Change in the NEPA Process.pdf318 KB
Brown and Caldwell_2019b_Draft Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan.pdf713 KB
Brown and Caldwell_2020a_Evaluation of Aquatic Life Criteria for Copper Using the Biotic Ligand Model.pdf163 KB
BSR_Climate_Adaptation_Issue_Brief_Mining 2011.pdf218 KB
BSR_Climate_Adaptation_Issue_Brief_Mining.pdf218 KB
Bury R. Bruce The Effects of Diesel Fuel on a Stream Fauna California Fish and Game (1972).pdf426 KB
Carrol et al_2016_south lake tahoe gw model_desert research institute.pdf1.65 MB
CDA Dam Safety Guidelines 2013 Edition-ToC.pdf502 KB
DFRM mgmt plan 2013 2028.pdf4.42 MB
Dovick et al 2015 Bioaccumulation trends of As and Sb in a freshwater ecosystem affected by mine drainage.pdf517 KB
Eagles-Smith CA (2016) Mercury in western north america.pdf411 KB
EGBC 2018. Legislated-Flood-Assessments-in-BC.pdf2.31 MB
EPA 2009. npwdr_complete_table.pdf1.53 MB
EPA 2014 reference_guide_to_treatment_technologies_for_miw.pdf2.17 MB
Etheridge_USGS_2015_metal_contamination_near_stibnite.pdf4.33 MB
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable.Landfarming.pdf222 KB
Fraley and Shepard 1989 Bull trout biology in MT.pdf619 KB
Friggens et al. rmrs_gtr375_264_315.pdf1.81 MB
Gann_et_al-2019-Restoration_Ecology.pdf1.43 MB
gold-and-climate-change-current-and-future-impacts-3 (1).pdf915 KB
Goodrich et al. 2009 MgCl2 roadsid.pdf980 KB
Goodrich_Jacobi_2012_MgCl2.pdf474 KB
Gowans et al_2003_Movements of Atlantic salmon migrating upstream.pdf1.17 MB
Halofsky et al 2018_climate vulunerabilities in northwestern US forestes.pdf145 KB
Herrick et al. 2006a monitoring processes for restoration projects.pdf279 KB
Herrick et al. 2006b remediation research.pdf1.56 MB
Hogen_Scarnecchia_2006_bull_trout_migration_EFSFSR.pdf657 KB
Hudbay_2017_AR_CSR.pdf4.6 MB
HydroGeo_2012a_Hydrology Field Survey for Golden Meadows Project.pdf11.4 MB
Idaho 2014 Integrated Report - CWA 303(d)-listed waterbodies - IDEQ.pdf14.52 MB
IDEQ 2017 Copper BLM.pdf1.17 MB
IDEQ.Statement of Basis Permit to Construct No P-2019.0047 Project ID 62288 Midas Gold Idaho Inc Stibnite.Sept2020.pdf6.21 MB
IDEQ_2007_58-0102-1502-implementation-guidance-copper-criteria-0817.pdf1.17 MB
IDEQ_2012_SFSR_subbasin_temperature_TMDL_and_revised_sediment_targets.pdf5.79 MB
Implementation Guidance_Copper_2017.pdf1.17 MB
Industrial Economics Inc.Effects of Air Pollutants on Ecological Resources.Literature Review and Case Studies.March2011.pdf3.03 MB
Interagency Working Group Social Cost of Carbon United States Government. 2010. Social Cost of Carbon for Regulatory Impact Analysis.pdf899 KB
IPCC 2019 Summary for Policy Makers.pdf1012 KB
Isaak 2015_Cold Water Climate Shield delineating refugia for salmonids.pdf700 KB
Isaak_etal_2017_occupancy_model.pdf492 KB
Kempton et al 2000. Uncertainty in Predicting Mine Pit-Lake Water Quality Mining Engineering.pdf674 KB
Kuipers 2005 PredictionsReportFinal.pdf911 KB
Kuipers ComparisonsReportFinal.pdf1.03 MB
Letter Text.pdf227.83 MB
Maui v HWF_2020 supreme court_18-260_jifl.pdf327 KB
Mavrommatis et al 2019 Towards a Framwork for CCMRA in Mining infrastructures-04-00038-v2.pdf946 KB
NARF_Att_6A_Memo_FA_Prelim_Est_FINAL_190531.pdf206 KB
Nelson J. and R. Schuchard. 2011. Adapting to Climate Change A Guide for the Mining Industry. BSR.pdf218 KB
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection 201811_Geochem_Guidance.pdf952 KB
NFMA1976.pdf62 KB
NOAA NCEI Idaho Key Messages.pdf755 KB
NPR_Pipeline Operator Blamed In Kalamazoo Spill The Costliest Onshore Oil Spill Ever.pdf376 KB
Padgett et al. rmrs_gtr375_165_197.pdf1.9 MB
Pilliod_etal_2013_amphibian_eDNA.pdf317 KB
Rango et al. 2005 assess effectiveness.pdf648 KB
rapanos_decision_2006.pdf538 KB
Rasmussen 2003 aquifer hydraulic properties.pdf340 KB
Reilly and Harbaugh GW guidelines.pdf2.34 MB
Sauder and Rachlow 2014 fisher.pdf309 KB
SCB 2020 Chart of Return Rates.docx105 KB
SCB 2020 Chart of Return Rates.pdf77 KB
Sepulveda_etal_2009_Idaho_giant_salamander.pdf499 KB
SER 2004_primer on ecological restoration.pdf2.21 MB
Sparling 2017 BestPracticesForConsiderationOfEffectsOfClimateChangeInProjectEAs2017 (1).pdf1.29 MB
SPM_Updated-Jan20.pdf1013 KB
SR15_Chapter1_Low_Res.pdf570 KB
SR15_Chapter2_Low_Res.pdf1.36 MB
SR15_Chapter3_Low_Res.pdf6.81 MB
SR15_Chapter4_Low_Res.pdf1.17 MB
SR15_Chapter5_Low_Res.pdf1.59 MB
SR15_SPM_version_report_LR.pdf1.44 MB
SRCCL-Chapter-5.pdf2.97 MB
SRCE website.pdf14 KB
Stibnite_PA_SWWC_Modeling_Report_20180730.pdf14.38 MB
SYR_AR5_FINAL_full.pdf7.25 MB
USDA FS bond_guide_042004.pdf1.35 MB
USEPA.NAAQS Table.Criteria Air Pollutants.20Dec2016.pdf170 KB
USEPA.Patient Exposure and the Air Quality Index.August2017.pdf338 KB
USFWS 2019 stibnite_gold_project_tunnel_design_comments_10_04_2019.pdf384 KB
USGS 2017 antimony report.pdf1.31 MB
Western Regional Air Partnership.Regional Air Quality and the Regional Haze Rule.pdf316 KB
WHO 2008 World Health Report 08_contents_en.pdf97 KB
Wollebaek et al_2011_Population connectivity_dam migration mitigations.pdf187 KB
World Gold Council_Gold and climate change_ Current and future impacts _2019.pdf243 KB

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