Kootenai National Forest Over-snow Motorized Use Travel Plan #64358

Commenting on This Project

Public scoping of this project occurred July through September 2023 and has informed this proposed action. Public scoping will not be repeated; however, additional opportunities for public comment will be provided when the Draft EIS is available.

Any decision about this project may be subject to 36 CFR 218 or 36 CFR 219 pre-decisional review. Unless received anonymously, public comments received during the scoping period from July 13, 2023 through September 29, 2023 may establish eligibility for participation in pre-decisional administrative review.

  • There is not a currently-open designated comment period
  • The next available designated public comment period will begin when the draft EIS becomes available for your review, announced with the publication of a ‘Notice of Availability’ in the Federal Register in early 2025.
  • Comments submitted using the form below will be considered and will become public record.  However, they will not be used to establish standing in any pre-decisional administrative review (36 CFR 218 or 36 CFR 219) because they will be received outside of a designated comment period.

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