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Commenting on This Project

The GunnisonRanger District of the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest has prepared an environmental assessment (EA), draft Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact (DN) for the North Valley Trails project.The District Ranger, Dayle Funka, has decided to approve construction of a total of 9.45 miles of single-track trail, decommission 1.0 miles of single-track trail, and approveapproximately 18.7 acres of disturbance for expansion of existing parking areas and enhancement of the infrastructure at the Brush Creek Trailhead, Tent City Day Use and Designated Camping Area, and Walrod Trailhead. Specific trail alignment sections can be found in the draftDN. The project was developed in response to Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association’s (CBMBA) Short-Term Trail Plan: Riders off the Road proposal. The objective is to provide better and more diverse user opportunities by facilitating safe, responsible, and sustainable recreation infrastructure improvements to the current trail system. Additional information can be found in the EA and draft DN at the following weblink: How to Object and Timeframe The opportunity to object ends 45 days following the date of publication of the legal notice in Gunnison Country Times.The publication date of the legal notice in the newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the time to file an objection. Those wishing to object should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source. This decision is subject to a pre-decisional objection period in accordance with the provisions of 36 CFR 218 subparts A and B. Objections must be filed with the reviewing officer in writing. All objections are available for public inspection during and after the objection process. Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted and timely, specific written comments regarding the proposed project or activity and attributed to the objector, unless the issue is based on new information that arose after the opportunities for comment on the preliminary EA. At a minimum, an objection must include the following: (1) Objector's name and address as defined in 36 CFR 218.2, with a telephone number, if available; (2) Signature or other verification of authorship upon request (a scanned signature for electronic mail may be filed with the objection); (3) When multiple names are listed on an objection, identification of the lead objector as defined in 36 CFR 218.2. Verification of the identity of the lead objector must be provided upon request or the reviewing officer will designate a lead objector as provided in 36 CFR 218.5(d); (4) The name of the proposed project, the name and title of the responsible official, and the name(s) of the national forest(s) and/or ranger district(s) on which the proposed project will be implemented; (5) A description of those aspects of the proposed project addressed by the objection, including specific issues related to the proposed project; if applicable, how the objector believes the environmental analysis or draft decision specifically violates law, regulation, or policy; suggested remedies that would resolve the objection; supporting reasons for the reviewing officer to consider; and (6) A statement that demonstrates the connection between Objector’s prior specific written comments on the particular proposed project or activity and the content of the objection, unless the objection concerns an issue that arose after the designated opportunities for comment (i.e., after May 1, 2023). Incorporation of documents by reference is permitted only as provided for at 36 CFR 218.8(b). Written objections, including attachments, must be filed with: Chad Stewart, GMUG Forest Supervisor,ATTN: North Valley Trails Objections,2250 South Main St., Delta, Colorado 81416 Electronic objections must be filed online; attachments may be included in a variety of formats (such as pdf, plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), or MSWord (.docx)) In cases where no identifiable name is attached to an electronic message, a verification of identity will be required. A scanned signature is one way to provide verification. If you have any questions or need assistance accessing documents, please contact Emily Nutgrass, Environmental Coordinator, or 970-642-4412. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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