Telephone Gap Integrated Resource Project #60192

Commenting on This Project

The Forest Service values public participation. Communications from the public regarding this project, including commenters' names and contact information, will become part of the public record. Comments, including anonymous comments, will be accepted at any time. However, comments posted after the close of a designated comment period may not be able to be given full consideration. Anonymous comments and comments submitted after the close of the final designated comment period will not provide the commenter standing for administrative review. Comments, or in some cases other expressions of interest, along with respondent's contact information, submitted during the comment period may be necessary to establish a respondent's eligibility to participate in an administrative review for this proposed action. Interested members of the public should review the proposal's information to determine the applicable administrative review process and the eligibility requirements for that process.

  • The date of the legal notice of opportunity to comment on this proposed action is the exclusive means for calculating the comment period. 
  • The legal notice initiating the Telephone Gap Integrated Resource Project Preliminary Environmental Assessment 30-day comment period appears in the Newspaper of Record (Rutland Herald).
  • The legal notice was published in the Rutland Herald on March 8, 2024. 
  • The end of the 30-day comment period is April 8, 2024.


If you have a question about this project, please send it to:

Jay Strand

Rochester Ranger District
99 Ranger Road , Rochester, VT, 05767