Meeks Bay Restoration #52971

Commenting on This Project

 Meeks Bay Restoration Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIS/EIR)

 Quick Tip: Posting your text directly into the comment box in the comment form is the most efficient way to comment.  Any attachments with text that is not already included in the text box will need to be manually cut and pasted into the comment box by forest service staff.  The best way to guarantee your comments are interpreted as you intended is to comment directly into the comment box.  If attachments must be included, word attachments are the easiest to insert later. 

Effective Commenting:   Providing substantive comments helps the Lead Agencies refine the proposed project to better meet the project’s purpose and need and, ultimately, ensure the environmental analyses is thorough. When providing comments: 

  • Consider the project’s purpose and need and focus on the specifics of the proposed project. Support your statements with facts and references.
  • Reference page numbers and paragraphs in the Draft EIS/EIS/EIR.
  • Provide solution-oriented comments. For example, if you feel a mitigation measure is not effective, provide an alternative approach that is. If you feel that the project should be revised to reduce impacts, provide an example of an alternative design or project element that would reduce or eliminate impacts and explain your rationale.
  • Comments are not counted as votes. Statements of opinion for or against a proposed action do not provide for an actionable response by the Lead Agencies.
  • Submit comments if you find errors or have new information that may affect the outcome of the environmental analysis.
  • Please distinguish between personal comment letters and those representing your agency or organization. We recommend that each entity identify one representative and submit a single letter encompassing all concerns and recommendations.
  • Keep your comments professional and refrain from naming or targeting individual employees or representatives of an agency or project.

Numerous comments that repeat the same basic message of support or opposition will typically be responded to collectively. In addition, general comments that state an action will have “significant environmental effects” will not help the Lead Agencies make a better decision unless the relevant causes and environmental effects are explained.

 The Lead Agencies will respond to all comments and incorporate them into a Final EIS/EIS/EIR, which will be reviewed and used by the Lead Agencies when determining whether to modify and approve the project. Please be aware that all submitted comments are part of the public record and may be included in the Final EIS/EIS/EIR.

Communications from the public regarding this project, including commenters' names and contact information, will become part of the public record. Comments, including anonymous comments, will be accepted at any time. However, comments posted after the close of a designated comment period may not be able to be given full consideration. Anonymous comments and comments submitted after the close of the final designated comment period will not provide the commenter standing for administrative review. Comments, or in some cases other expressions of interest, along with respondent's contact information, submitted during the comment period may be necessary to establish a respondent's eligibility to participate in an administrative review for this proposed action. Interested members of the public should review the proposal's information to determine the applicable administrative review process and the eligibility requirements for that process.

  • For Draft Environmental Impact Statements, the Notice of Availability announcing the comment period appears in the Federal Register.


If you have a question about this project, please send it to:

Ashley Sibr

Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt Unit
35 College Drive , South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150